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I have your sitting sofa and they're so comfortable. Thank you so much!


Very helpful staff.


Highly recommended, thanks to Joel, Mario & all at Distinct Home for your help and all your service provided.


Very professional service service. Mr Mario Abela highly recommended. Distinct Homes has very good condition and materials plus after sales service. Highly recommended it also has very good packages at excellent prices


Very professional service and after sales too. Great thanks especially to Mario Abela and his boss in Gozo. Highly recommended!!


I had a member of your maintenance team come round to see to a few of the kitchen cupboard doors, which were 'hanging", and to a bed frame which creaked badly. Minor issues resulting from wear and tear, but annoying all the same. I like to give praise where it is due and so, by this email, I want to express my appreciation to the competent team members who handled my request.


Always satisfied dealing with Distinct Homes.


We definitely recommend Distinct Homes Ltd for their excellent service. We thank all the staff but we particularly thank Ms Carmen Mifsud who was always very much supportive and understanding all along the process. Ms Mifsud was always eager to provide us with original ideas and creative tips to help make our project come true. A BIG thank you goes to Cameron who installed the furniture. He is extremely hard working and knows his job really well. Cameron is always ready to solve any issues that would naturally crop up during the installation process. Thank you Distinct Homes for your help and professionalism. We never thought that the work required could be so smooth and stress-free!

Geoffrey and Jonathan

I would like to thank Distinct Homes for helping me out finishing my apartment according to my likings; especially to Carmen who has been of great help from the very beginning. She gave great advice and designed my apartment to the slightest detail, always replied to my emails promptly, and checked how things were moving along. I would like to also thank Steven and Jesmond for their excellent service. Installers were super cautious and everything was perfectly installed. Even though delivery took some time to arrive, nonetheless it was worth the wait as I'm super happy with the work done. Excellent after sale service too; needed the hob to be changed and it was changed with no problems. Thank you distinct home. Super happy with the outcome


Thank you distinct homes for providing a great service from beginning to end. In particular, Joel went out of his way to ensure everything turned out great for us. Distinct offer a competitive price and good quality.


Look no further, the one place you get all you need to finish the job with style. Great people.



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4 Sep 2023

Win a whole Home Package with us and Bay radio

We have partnered up with Bay radio to offer one lucky winner, a whole Distinct Homes’ home package! The ‘Furnish your flat’ competition is on this month! Hurry, send in your content to show why YOU should be the winner and, who knows? It might indeed be you! Head over here for more info.