Where are you situated?

We have two showrooms: our Gozo main showroom, where we started off from, on Pope John Paul II Street in Victoria (on the way to Ta’ Pinu), and our Attard showroom, on Mdina Road connecting Rabat/Mdina to Attard. The Google Maps links at the bottom of this page should help you get a clearer idea.

Who are you?

We are a small family company which started way back in 1988. We are now in the second generation, run by brothers Max and Andrew who used to run around the very first outlet ever since they could walk. Max and Andrew today are completely hands on the different aspects of the business that has been extended to incorporate a team of wonderful professionals, technical people and assistants.

How long have you been around?

We have been around since 1988, then operating as the Gozo representative of ‘Forestals’ for home appliances. In Gozo, many still consider us as such. Now in its second generation, the business opened its first showroom in Malta in 2015.

What type of products do you offer?

We offer most types of furniture, of medium to high quality, for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, bathroom furniture and corridor/hallway furniture as well as sofas, main kitchen appliances, bathrooms and tiles. Most products are exclusively imported by us.

How much do your products cost on average?

This is a difficult answer to reply to: 1. because we import thousands of products that each have their own price, and 2. most of our products can be highly personalised and almost made specifically for you. What we can vouch for is that, like with like, our products have the best price in Malta!

What’s the quality like?

We pride ourselves in supplying products of good, to very good, to excellent quality, including excellent value-for-money items. We personally choose our products thinking of what we would like to have at our own homes. On the rare occasions when things do not go perfectly well, our Customer Care team steps in to take care of you and your purchase

Where do your products come from?

Most of our furniture items are designed and are really and truly made in Italy, guaranteeing a certain level of style, design and quality. We also import from other markets intra-EU and extra-EU.

What services do you offer?

We offer a multitude of services to our clients: from design and inspiration ideas, on how to transform your empty space into a home, assessing the real needs one has. We tailor-make your project and follow it from the beginning to the end, whether that is a single room or all your home. We offer free delivery to ground floor level (we will never charge you extra for delivery unless a third-party service is required), we offer a free installation service of our furniture and appliance products, and we do our best to offer a great and personalised after-sales service to solve anything that may crop up after a purchase.

Is an appointment required to come visit your showroom?

Technically-speaking, no. In practice, yes it’s better to have an appointment and let us explain why. Besides Covid-restrictions, where we are doing our best to spread the flow of persons within our premises, designing a furniture item, especially kitchens, bedrooms or a full home package, requires time. Do calculate at least an hour or an hour and a half for the first session, to go over the tiny details that every piece of furniture entails. For this reason, we’d rather be expecting you and dedicating a good time slot specifically for you, so that you will have all our attention and we will not keep you waiting.

How do I book an appointment for a quotation?

It’s very easy to book an appointment with us. You can call us on (+356) 21551234 and ask to be passed on to the showroom that’s more convenient to you – Attard or Gozo. You can also use the online booking request form in this website and we will get back to you directly.

What’s the best way to go about ordering furniture?

Through our website, we offer a small selection of product combinations from the many that are available. Online, products can be bought in their standard format. In store, we can assist our clients to personalise items, including the bigger and bulkier projects such as kitchens or bedrooms. Our recommendation is to contact us as soon as you start considering your project, since we can help you from the very beginning. The bigger the project, the more often you will be coming over so that we can plan, design, and revise as necessary until you have your dream project. Our Sales and Design team is well trained to assist you throughout all the process.

How long does it normally take for an order to arrive?

If your order has been placed online and the item is in stock, delivery will happen within days. If the item is not in stock, we will need to order it for you and have it shipped over. The timespan here may vary, depending on whether the item needs to be manufactured on order, whether it is available for immediate dispatch, the country it will be shipped from, shipping timing, customs procedures if applicable, and other variances. Our advice is to call us on (+356) 21551234 if you wish specific information about your order.

Is it possible to change something in my order?

Once you would have confirmed your order, whether online or in store, it is still be possible to change your order unless the items would have already started production. As soon as you realise that your order needs modification, kindly get in touch with us immediately, citing your Order Number and your Account Number.

Do your prices include VAT?

Yes, all our prices already include 18% VAT which we transfer to the Government of Malta as part of our fiscal responsibilities.

Is there an extra charge for delivery?

No, our delivery to anywhere in Malta and Gozo is free of charge to ground floor level, as long as the place we are delivering to is accessible and as long as third-party services are not required. By third-party services we refer to lifters or crane services; local council permits for road closure, traffic diversion or parking clearance; and similar services.

What if I require a lifter or crane service?

A lifter or crane service is a third-party service that is usually paid at an hourly rate. We can offer to put you in touch with a number of service providers and you can choose who to contact directly and book your slot. We also offer to book the service on your behalf, back-charging you the same rate that we are charged. This is usually charged back to you in a separate invoice which you will be asked to pay after the delivery has occurred. The charge is separate to your order since this is not a service we provide in-house.

How do I book the delivery or installation date of my order?

It is our custom to reach out to you as soon as your order would have arrived at our warehouse and is ready for delivery and subsequent installation. However, should you wish to contact us directly, you may reach our Logistics department by calling us on (+356) 21551234. You can also fill in the online form you can find in this website, choosing the right item from the drop-down menu.

Will installation be carried out on the same day of delivery?

This depends on what your order consists of. If it’s a single item, such as a sofa, a loose piece of furniture, or an appliance, installation (if required) will happen on the same day as delivery. If however your order consisted of multiple elements, including furniture that requires professional installer services, the actual installation will take place on a separate date, since the delivery person and the installer are not the same person. You may book your installation date/s at the same time you book your delivery date.

What if I require a change of date for delivery or installation?

Although we try to organise our different schedules in good time, there may be occasions when you may require a change in delivery dates or installation dates. In this case, do please get in touch with us, if possible by telephone on (+356) 21551234, as soon as you realise that your appointment needs to be changed, so that we will try to fit in other requests. At the same time, do let us know when you would think you will be available for the delivery and/or installation to take place.

How long can I store my items in your warehouse?

We offer free storage of all furniture and bulk items for a period up to four (4) weeks from the agreed date of delivery, fully aware that genuine last-minute changes may occur due to things out of one’s control. After this four week period has elapsed, storage will be charged at the rate of €25 + VAT per week up to a period of four (4) weeks. This rate is applicable for each order made. Clients who do not allow the delivery of the products to take place or do not claim the items before this period has elapsed, will automatically forfeit any rights on the products.

How much does it cost to keep my items in your warehouse?

Storage of products at our warehouse is free of charge as long as delivery of the items is allowed within four (4) weeks from the first agreed delivery date. Should this period elapse, we offer an extension of a maximum four (4) weeks, at the cost of €25 + VAT per week. For more information about our storage policy, see the previous question and answer.

What if an item is damaged or missing or does not work well?

While we do our best to deliver all your order at one go, any missing items should be reported to us immediately. Likewise, we go to great lengths to make sure our transport providers handle our products with care right through the transportation chain. It is your responsibility to check and certify that the item has been delivered in the right conditions. Should you wish to report an item as damaged, please do so immediately while our delivery persons are still at your premises. Once an item would have been released from our care or once our delivery persons would have left your premises, responsibility for any damages will be borne by you. Should an appliance or a functioning product not work as it is supposed to work, please contact us immediately so that we can solve the matter swiftly through our after-sales service.

How do I ask for a technician to come check my appliance?

Whether your appliance is in Malta or in Gozo, our technicians will come visit if required and will check your appliance in case of a fault. To report a fault, we recommend calling our After-Sales department on (+356) 21551234 and you will be guided accordingly. Alternatively, you may fill in our Contact form in this website and a member of our team will get back to you directly.

What if I am not happy with my order?

Our wish is to see you happy, so should there be any problem with your order, do get in touch with us, through our Contact form in this website or through traditional means. We will do our best to resolve the matter to your satisfaction.

Is there a guarantee on your products?

Yes there is. All our products are covered by the guarantee laws as per the Laws of Malta. Some brands offer an optional guarantee extension covering a wider time period. It would help if you could keep a copy of your original paperwork and contract with us. If not, we will anyway find your original purchase date through our electronic records.

What are your payment terms?

For online purchases, items are paid 100% at the confirmation stage of the order. For items bought in-store, we request a deposit of 50% to confirm the order, and we accept the remaining 50% partly on delivery and partly on final installation.

Do you offer instalments?

We are afraid we don’t, but if you need financing and paying by instalments, we can offer to help you finance your purchase by assisting you in finding a financial institution that has the right schemes to enable you to achieve your needs with the least possible hassle.

How can I contact you?

There are several ways in which you can reach us, starting from our website once you’re here. We have a Contact Us section with a form that will prompt you to fill in the required information so that it will be conveyed to the right team. If you need to reach a specific member of our team directly, such as your Sales person, you can email them directly by finding their details in our 'Meet the Team' page. We can also be reached through our Facebook page, on email address [email protected], as well as through our ‘vintage’ friend, the good old telephone on (+356) 21551234.

What are your opening hours?

We are open from Monday to Saturday, dedicating Sundays and public holidays to our families and to recharge our batteries. Our Attard showroom is open from 09:00-19:00h on weekdays and from 09:00-13:00h on Saturdays. Our Gozo showroom is open from 08:00-12:00h and from 16:00-19:00h on weekdays and from 09:00-13:00h on Saturdays. Our telephone operators are available on weekdays from 08:00-19:00h and from 09:00-13:00h on Saturdays.

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