20 May 2020

Beats even Sicily!

Yes you heard right!

Malta’s Best Home Package for furniture beats even Sicily!

It’s been long in coming but here we are publicly acknowledging that our excellent value Home Package for Furniture is not only the best one on the islands but beats Sicily hands down! We can beat Sicily hands down!

Let us explain…

If you want something of good value, where you can put your mind at rest that what you are investing in is indeed something of worth – whether it’s for your first, second or third home, or if it’s for a rental apartment – then read on.

1. We believe in what we personally choose

We believe in what we import, in the products we personally choose and in the companies we represent and know. What we offer to you is furniture with a certain peace of mind. Ours is the best value for money. We stay away from the very cheapest alternatives in the market which we don’t feel comfortable in suggesting to you.

2. Real ‘Made in Italy’ from Italy’s furniture hub

Most of the furniture we represent is designed and manufactured in Italy’s main furniture production hub. When we say ‘Made in Italy’ that means that our products are really and entirely made in Italy. We are very selective in what we choose to bring in and we are the first who want our, and your, mind at rest. We offer you what we like for our homes, not cheaper stuff. We don’t compromise on quality.

3. Best prices for ‘Like with Like’

One cannot compare an elephant to a giraffe, or a dog to a cat for that matter. The same thing goes for furniture. There are many factors that affect the price, including many that are not visible to the untrained eye, but experience has shown us that when one compares our prices ‘like with like’, very often we can beat others hands down. Yes, even Sicily prices!

4. We can give you ideas & design your project with highly customisable furniture

We’re very passionate about interior design. There’s nothing more challenging and exciting for us than transforming that shell property into a lovely home for you or your clients. We’ll help you through, give you ideas and design your project the way you like it! And, our furniture can be highly customised! Kitchen units, wardrobes, beds, bedroom furniture and almost everything else can come in different sizes, finishes, colours, functionality and additional opt-ins. We design your furniture to fit your space, according to your tastes, needs and must-haves and try to get everything within your budget. How’s that for you?

5. We import directly, full trailers every fortnight

We import our furniture directly, from the factory to our warehouse. We follow the whole process from the production line to our warehouse, without intermediaries. We use full trailers not groupage trailers – reducing risks of damages and probable rough handling so that we can be more reliable. Our trailers are coming in at least once every fortnight, lowering costs and damages to our clients.

6. We’re all a phone call or visit away

Not only our showrooms and front team are here, locally, but also our back-office and customer support service is just a phone call or visit away. Just give us a call on 21551234 and let us help you. We promise to do our very best!

7. We’re a family business that started in 1988

In time we have moved from a small showroom on the opposite side of the road in Victoria, to a bigger showroom where we’ve set our roots. We’ve added new lines and solidified our core business. We opened a new showroom in Attard in 2015 and then added new floors, but at heart we remain a small family business with more than 30 years behind us. And we’re proud of this, and prouder still of the women and men who have joined our team and became an extended family we love to hang around with.

If you’ve read up to here, we’re literally and figuratively on the same page and we’d love to get to know you and help you out! Give us a call on 21551234 for you to choose your preferred time slot so that we can dedicate our time exclusively for you. With the current situation, we’re doing our best to stagger appointments. We’re looking forward to being of help and support.