27 May 2021

New online shop launched!

It’s a proud day for us today as we launch our new online shop and accompanying website!

In these last months, we have been working almost around the clock to be able to arrive at today. From now onwards, you can shop a number of products including some very popular ones including in our SOFAS, LOOSE, and GARDEN product ranges!

Products directly available for purchase on this website include a description and colour options, where these are applicable, and prices for every colour version currently available. Just click on the colour and see the prices change.

Some items may be purchased outright, if available directly from stock, and others can be ordered through this website.

We are also adding new features including the possibility to book an appointment at either one of our showrooms, and to write to the right team directly by choosing from few drop-down menus.

Besides our new online shop, we are also showcasing other product lines that are highly personalisable or highly technical to modify, and therefore difficult to outright buy online. You may wish to have a look at solutions we can offer, then come over so that our specialised team would be able to help you directly.

In any case, we hope you enjoy exploring our new website as much as we enjoyed putting it together 🙂 and we hope to see you soon! You can find where we are by scrolling to the very bottom of this web page.